Demo Pictures

Toddler being carried in dark brown Polyester Interlock wrap
(not a current color/fabric option)

Infant in a black Polyester Interlock wrap
(not a current color/fabric option)

Infant in a Cotton Interlock wrap
(not a current color/fabric option)

Detail Pictures

Green Polyester Carry Me Wrap rolled up

White Cotton Carry Me Wrap rolled up

Serged edge of a Green Polyester wrap

Serged edge of a White Cotton wrap

Current Cotton Interlock Fabrics

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Navy Blue

Multi-Colored Shapes on Brown




Deep Red

Ponderosa Green

Current Polyester Interlock Fabrics


Navy Blue


Current Ribbed Cotton Fabrics - ON SALE $15 each

NOTE: The Turquoise and the Dark Green are a little shorter. They measure about 4.5 yards long. I personally prefer this length, because I have too much hanging down in the back with the 5 yard wraps.

Close up to show ribbing


Dark Green (cotton/polyester blend)

Mellow Yellow


If you're like me, your babies always want to be held, and you don't always want to be holding them. Current baby devices like the "Snuggli" or "Baby BJorn" are uncomfortable after about 30 minutes and have difficult buckles and straps. The Carry Me wrap is a simple wrap that distributes the weight off of your shoulders and across your entire torso. Other countries have been using these for decades.

After fidgeting with different fabrics and widths for the wrap, I finally found a size that works. Some traditional wraps made me feel like I was drowning in fabric, while others weren't wide enough to comfortably seat a toddler. Other brands of wraps measure up to 25" wide, and the fabric can be quite thick. The extra fabric and thickness make it much more hot and bulky compared to the fabrics I use.

I prefer the cotton wrap for infants, and the polyester for carrying toddlers. The polyester, although a lighter weight fabric, still provides plenty of support for the weight of a toddler, but doesn't trap as much heat as the cotton fabric. I prefer the cotton for the infants, because it doesn't "bunch" as easily as the polyester; it's easier to keep the fabric laying smooth and flat.

I wear my wraps while grocery shopping (so my toddler can be in the cart), going for walks, cooking dinner, washing dishes, going to the movies, attending church, and pretty much any other time I want hands-free carrying! There are endless ways to wear it as well, on your front, back, hip, as a sling, and so forth.

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